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Cavern Class
Search and Rescue
Class of 6-20-99
Class of 7-21-99
Class of 11-12-99
Class of 6-15
Class Of 10-30
OW 1-30-04
AOW 3-6-04
OW Class 9-25-04
Cavern Class 4-30-05
OW Class 4-17-05
Rescue 5-27-05

Schneck's Pics
AOW Pics
The Boyce's Shark Dives
Mexican Pride Trip

Wilkins Cayman 

Lorie in Mexico 
Rescue Class @ Ginnie Springs

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PADI Store #17947

IANTD Facility #1429





Spearfishing Specialties

Sea Hornet Guns

Dive Rite

Light Monkey













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Cavern Class Search and Rescue Class of 6-20-99 Class of 7-21-99 Class of 11-12-99 Class of 6-15 Class Of 10-30 OW 1-30-04 AOW 3-6-04 OW Class 9-25-04 Cavern Class 4-30-05 OW Class 4-17-05 Rescue 5-27-05


        Class of 7-21-99


Mike1.jpg (25908 bytes) Mike Playing around at Ginnie Springs


Danni1.jpg (20326 bytes)   HI Danni!


Scot2.jpg (12658 bytes)  oooh, Don't go in there....

Scott.jpg (18553 bytes)   Scott says it's time to go...


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